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While well-meaning and optimistic, Lucky is your classically naive bleeding-heart liberal. He is blissfully unaware of the advantages he has received through white privilege, as well as through a natural dumb luck that carries him through life. ... more
Guy tends to let his frustrations with whatever government whose legitimacy he happens to be questioning at the moment get to him, although he tries harder than his friend Lucky to be aware of the plight of the downtrodden. ... more
A staunch proponent of women's rights, although years of postmodern feminist readings of various texts and subtexts have left Sylvia with a cynicism that precludes her from taking the concept of a male feminist seriously. ... more
Frustrated black man and wartime author surrogate, Hatz is world-weary of racism and white liberal guilt. He knows Lucky and Guy mean well, but ultimately, his attempts to get them to empathize with him are futile. ... more
Supporting Cast: Cerveaux Chief Drowning Fish Hiram P. Lilywhite Josiah Southdakota Laputa Lilywhite, the Little Mormon/Amish Girl
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