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Julia Sarah Kitsun

First Name(s): Julia Sarah
Surname: Kitsun
Date of Birth: 4th August 2210 (Eurpine Calendar)
Place of Birth: 5 Greentree Avenue, Mizx

Julia is Roxanne's long suffering vegetarian friend. She met Roxy by chance in a vegetarian student class in primary school (Roxy was there because some of the Cats were picking on her).
Julia enjoys Glasball, the hockey type game popular in Fawlksland, and is extremely good at it. Though now she has left High School she faces having to choose a University that will allow her to take it as a main class. Back to the Cast Page
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I'm an average 22 year old from Glasgow, Scotland. Roxanne Fox has been with me since I was 10 years old. Hence, I really need to give her credit for her creation... weird, isn't it? ... full profile