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 I've been working on turning Roxanne Fox into a publishable idea for quite a few years now. She was created when I tried copying a picture of Mimi Lafloo from Bucky O'hare and obviously I didn't have the artistic ability to accurately copy the picture (being only 10 years old). But she kept the uniform, with a few changes so as not to bring the wrath of my peers who also read Bucky O'hare.

 Then a couple of years ago my Mother wrote a book, and I thought; "I can do that with Roxy!"... and again the idea fell flat on it's face, due to my inability to be able to follow a project through to it's conclusion.

 But that's where this one will differ. As I've said she's existed for years, as has a basic storyline. So here it is in it's... err, glory? Yeah, I don't have photoshop, so currently I'm hand drawing everything, scanning it and editing it in... *ahem*... Microsoft Paint. But as soon as I have £500 ($1000) I'll buy photoshop and supply better standards of drawing.


~Peace out~