Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
The start of a long journey.
So a little information is in order, I suppose.

Whiplash/Amnesia will chronicle the adventures of one...well, you don't know his name yet, though it will become apparent at some point.

This strip is actually my second effort towards actual comicry, and I'm actually rather satisfied with the result. My first looked like a newspaper comic strip, which in all honesty didn't look that good.

I didn't use any pens in this one, and I actually won't until about Strip 3 and beyond. I do plan on penning, but I don't plan on coloring, for a few reasons. The first is that I'm actually rather bad at coloring. The second probably has something to do with the first: I am wildly colorblind, the worst case my optometrist has ever seen, and so my color perception is a bit off.

It's probably easier in general to just leave the color out.

That is, unless I could find a colorist.

Next comic on Wednesday!
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