Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Tried some different things with this one, like bordering the text bubbles and not indenting so far. I also downsized the font two points, but it appears to be still sufficiently legible.

SuperDanni on DeviantArt graciously let me use her likeness as a base for the woman in this strip. Check her out: she's a rather good photographer!

I'm not through tinkering with the format, but it should mostly be fine-tuning at this point.

Oh, and there'll be a break in the storyline for both Christmas and New Year's. Comics will post, but they'll be outside the storyline.

Lastly, and I should probably have covered this before now, something becomes readily apparent in this comic that hasn't really been in the previous ones: this comic is drawn in first-person and will probably maintain that perspective for the course of its life. It gives me certain advantages, but it also limits my field of view. It's a unique challenge, and one I hope I can do justice to.
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