"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference"
- Robert Frost

A webcomic about my life as an FtM transgender.


Updates without warning!


I've been neglecting my studies this whole week in order to play computer- and video games. Unreal 3 looks good, I've been waiting for it forever (they said it would be out by march..and then by august...and now november)! I also finished Okami not so long ago, very good game, beautiful. Actually it's the most beautiful game I've seen since Shadow of the Colossus. It feels like a painting come alive, now I know what my next tattoo will be (Amaterasu^^). I can't wait to get started on Guitar Hero III as well, see if it stands a chance against Rock Band.


...oh, and TimeShift rocks! It's the best fps I've played since Prey.

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