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Hi all!

Huge apologies for disappearing for so long. Don't worry (if you were worried), Fey will be continuing.

So what's going on is this: one of my goals has been to get Fey into print this summer, so I'm in the process of getting an ISSN. I've also looked back at my files and realized I'm going to have to re-scan them to get files suitable for printing from. So I'll be doing that and taking the opportunity to re-letter everything (well, I have to, since the lettering was done digitally). So I have to find a lettering typeface that I like, plus something Celtic but not too formal to replace the one I used way back when on the captions (and I don't remember what it was!). I'll be replacing the pages here with the new files as I get them done.

BUT: I'm still going to be drawing new pages. I have the rest of chapter 3 and into chapter 4 scripted, and I think I'm finally back in the groove. I hope. It'll be slow, but I'm going to be adding pages little by little.

Thanks for your patience (assuming anyone who was reading is even still here . . .).

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