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Nico is probably slightly insane, due to having moved an average of every three years for her entire life. If you ask her, "Where are you from?" she'll look at you in confusion for a moment, and then begin, "Well most recently . . ." For the record, she was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Right now she lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but that could change at any moment.

No doubt also contributing to the madness, Nico reads too much (according to her mother, at least). She likes good fiction with a touch of the strange and non-fiction that combines science with folklore. She also reads a lot of comics and watches too much anime.

Like many of her friends, she has been educated beyond the possibility of gainful employment (BA Archaeology, MA Folklore, BFA Writing, BFA Interdisciplinary) and usually tries to fix this by going to school again. At the moment, though, she works at the Dawson Printshop at NSCAD University, printing old school letterpress stuff, and writes about video games for This combination of very old technology with very new technology has probably also added to Nico's insanity.