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Convention photos

when we go to conventions
arn't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
A cookie for those of you who can name everyone
Damn you master chief, is there no where that i can escape from you
arrrh the blurry people are attacking
peoples in line for the masquerade
an incrediablly under toned dante
scary and cute, mmmmh my favourite combination
his sword was pretty amusing,
sasuke on sasuke action, alright
these girls were pretty fun to hang around with

fluffy sword!

awsume mask
yet another crowd shot
mighty murphin' power rangers!
male or female? i'll leave that for the internets to tell
oh what a fancy tea party
who know that team rocket member were so cute?
mmmmmmmmmmmh, chi on chi, excuse me i have to go do some naughty things
it's Jeanne!
Yet another one of Jeanne
woo princess monokoo

and who says that the sith are all bad

so many cat-ears
woooooo one piece, and that luffy is female
do you think hes over-compensating for something
sexy, sexy, sexy females
peace to all the con-freaks
i think Jeanne's enjoying this one a bit to much?
Deathnote m'thinks?
three cute girls, dressed in lolita, think of the possiblity
soul calibre, if they really wanted to authentic, they should have worn less clothes and have been hurting people
sasuke vs the cybermen, i think we all know who would win
goth santa + blind person take on the con
and the stromtrooper is still to short
are they threatening him to do the carameldansen? or because of it
"dude! are those guys dudes?"
"yes, and the one on the right was in five inch heels"
who knew demons could be so cute
team rocket stole our muffins!
well this one would be the companion cube girl, if someone knew how to take photos of anything other than breasts!
believe it not, this guy worked there!
this guy was great on the consoles,
who wouldve thought a white mage wouldve kicked so many asses
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