UPDATE: OHMYSTARS a new drawing style! o_O

Still no word on the new location for my site. I will hopefully know something by Friday.
Until then (or after then, even...THE CHOICE IS YOURS), please vote for me by clicking this button!

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Tracy BergenTracyB (beaversnickel) says:

Justin!! My long, lost son!! Do you remember me?? It's Tracy - from Canada!! Wow, I've missed you!! I have thought of you often and wondered how you ate, where you are, what you ate up to. Please write back to me - I'd LOVE to hear from you!! I can be found at tbergen@mts.net or call me  @ 204-476-0951.  Xoxoxo

alisa selivanova (alisakisa) says:

<a href="http://www.kirovskayaobl.ru/">Kirovskaya oblast</a>

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