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King Wurth

King Wurth or just shorth KW as he likes to be called, is a man who thinks life as being rather boring.

He also finds himself surrounded by utter and complete fools all the time.

KW thinks happiness is just an illusion, that is a state of mind he has gotten into, during a long time failing experiment where flagnad is trying to make an aphrodisiac.

The aphrodisiac doesnt work at all, instead it gives him disorders of all kinds, and makes him even more a solitude and cold.

The worst disorder-case, was when a third arm grew out of his back.

But besides all that the people of Burgenborg all the way to the borders of the misty valley and to the east of the forrest they really really do like KW, and think of him as being the best King so far.

If there is something that can cheer up KW then its entertainment, that has to do with fights or tournaments of some sort. Back to the Cast Page
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