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The Feather Gang

Something peculiar has happened in the forest next to Burgenborg.

4 different race Birds have teamed up together and formed a gang: The Feather Gang.

The Purpose of the Gang is still unknown to the rest of the Forrest.

There are 4 members:

Herbearth is a Blackbird and the leader, usually sitting on a branch smoking a cig, his eyepatch is fake, he can see on both eyes he is just obsessed with the pirate theme.

Jake is a Sparrow, a small bird, to protect himself he is carrying a samuraisword, miniture of course.

Sesami is a "great tit", she is the only female in the Gang, and loves the attention from the 3 male birds she gets, though Jake is the one she has picked out.

Grorf is a crow, usually drunk and always uses an explicit language. Back to the Cast Page
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