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Name: Romulus
Aliases: Romy; Masquerading as her twin brother, "Prince Boots."
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Straight and brown
Eyes: Spring Green
Other distinguishing features: A mole beneath her left eye

About: Despite being eldest and a princess, practically no one in the kingdom knows who she is. That girl? A servant! A background figure! A lookalike to protect the prince, right? Far from it. By comparison, Romy would seem to be more worthy of a ruler than her dull-witted brother, Remus -- Sharp, level-headed, and good with a sword to boot. It's amazing how sane she can act in the stupidest of situations.

But, does this matter?

No, not really. Especially when it was her "fault" Prince Boots got kidnapped. Now, it is her duty, under threat of banishment, to rescue him. In order to make sure there isn't uproar from the commoners, she has currently assumed his guise. As truly convincing as she looks.. Will she be able to keep up with it for long? Back to the Cast Page

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