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Name: Remus
Aliases: Prince Boots
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Straight and brown
Eyes: Spring Green
Other distinguishing features: A mole beneath his left eye

About: Remus (better known as Prince Boots) is the heir to the throne and the spoiled apple-of-mommy's eye. Everyone knows this. Even he knows this. "Make me a sandwich, I'm king! Ohoho!" Despite the propaganda that flies around about his chivalrous exploits and noble deeds, the younger twin is really quite slow. And dense. And cowardly. And not a very good candidate for sovereignty.

But, there's nothing anyone can do about it.. That is.. Until he gets kidnapped. Now, all Boots can do is wait for his sister to rescue him. Joy, of joys. Back to the Cast Page

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