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Noelle King & Pascal Queen ||   

Noelle = Christmas. Pascal = Easter. Amusing, is it not? xD

Noelle King is an eighteen year-old girl who lives in Atlanta. A self-taught artist and writer, she has made "Fortune Favors" in a style she calls "lo-fi art" for lack of a more appropriate term. But, like most-self taught kids of her generation, Noelle's work is heavily influenced by anime, no matter how much she despises it. The comic is made with pencil, cheap computer paper, and whatever ballpoint pens she can find. "Fortune" was created on a whim: one day she said to Pascal that she wanted to make a comic about a world made of sand, so they did. "Noelle King" is a psuedonymn based on Noelle's real name, but used in order to deter pedophiles {regardless of the fact that Noelle is eighteen} and other creepy internet people. Pascal decided he wanted a matching name.

Pascal Queen is a sixteen year-old male-unit who lives in California! [No, he is not a blonde bimbo. I'm sorry.] To say the least, he is mentally disturbed and a rather strange individual. He can't think linearly nor, can he draw.. It's some kind of miracle when he can manage to hold a pen for more than five minutes. Thus, Pascal settles for working with Noelle on this nifty comic. If working means "weirding" up, that is. Hurrah! He is also extremely hard on himself and should not be allowed to write his own biography. Pascal is an artist in his own rights, and is responsible for a large majority of "Fortune's" plot and script.