M/W/F plus extras
Commander Snarf

Age: 358 Teutoniak years (incl. time travel)
Gender: Snarfs are genderless
Height: 1 Snarf, like every single Snarf in existance
Weight: 1 Snarf, like every single Snarf in existance
Distinctive marks: fascistic monster from outer space with genocidal intentions
Primary job: Pub owner, sometimes waiter
Secondary job: Plumber
Hobby: Infiltrating enemy organizations, plotting the destruction of mankind and the enslaving of the universe
Likes: obliteration; other Snarfs (except Dumb Snarf); Space Hitler; blind obedience
Hates: non-Snarfs; Dumb Snarf; independent thought; basic human kindness; children; negative continuity; the Director
Goals: take over universe; obliterate anything non-Snarf, with exception for Dumb Snarf
When depressed tends to: Snarfs do not known the emotion known as 'depression'
Favorite food: Snarfs do not eat, they are powered by electricity
Personal hero: Space Hitler of Teutoniak
Rarely Known Fact: loves taking walks at the bottom of the Thames
When around, don't, for any reason: be a non-Snarf or Dumb Snarf
Nominal Snarfness: 100%

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