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Gadgeteer Snarf

Age: 790 (incl. time travel)
Gender: Mail?
Height: 1 Snarf
Weight: 0.88 Snarfs (depression-induced)
Distinctive marks: thick monocle, just-as-thick accent, SnarfSensor instead of standard Oblitergun
Primary job: plumber assistant
Secondary job: Still searching
Hobby: "quality of life improvement specialist" (i.e. gadget inventor)
Likes: science; crafting ingenious solutions to problems of dubious existance; Snarfette (a lot)
Hates: that his every invention is either a death ray or destroys the universe; getting turned down by Snarfette; hippos (don't ask)
Goals: Take over universe; create something that isn't a death ray; win Snarfette's love(???)
When depressed he tends to: stop eating, brood
Favorite food: Raw terran cow steak
Personal Hero: Robert Einstein (Albert's little-known cousin)
Rarely Known Fact: Doesn't actually know German - or any other language he fails to attempt speaking (so don't spam me with corrections)
When around, don't, for any reason: encourage him
Frustration: near terminal levels

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