M/W/F plus extras

Age: secret, silly!
Gender: we'll, uh, get right back to you on that
Height: 1.1 Snarfs (all legs)
Weight: you don't ask a lady THAT!!
Distinctive marks: smokin' hot!
Primary job: waitress
Secondary job: technical support
Hobby: writing dreadful slasher fanfic
Likes: pink and frilly stuff; non-Snarf males (a lot), BL doujinshi (and if you don't know what that is, I sure as hell aren't going to tell you)
Hates: Gadgeteer Snarf; human women; junk food
Goals: [too explicit to mention]; [also too explicit to mention]; [AAGH MY EYES!!!]; lose those fatty bumps??
When depressed "she" tends to: cry like a girl (had any doubts?)
Favorite food: diet Oblitercake
Personal Hero: Strong, independent women such as Mary Sues
Rarely Known Fact: We'd like to claim any of her fetishes are rarely known, but sadly this isn't so
When around, don't, for any reason: ask about what turns "her" on. Or yaoi. Especially yaoi.
Squick factor: off the scale

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