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Drunk Snarf

Age: 54
Gender: obliterate off
Height: .89 Snarfs
Weight: 1.29 Snarfs (beer "yoghurt" gut)
Distinctive marks: perennially hiccupping; extensive drunken jitters; perennially drunk
Primary job: bartender (and drink consumer, apparently)
Secondary job: kindergarten teacher
Hobby: not going to insult anyone's intelligence by stating something that painfully obvious
Likes: beer "yoghurt"; being drunk; people who drink "yoghurt"; cussing like a sailor (if sailors could only use 'obliterate' as a swearword)
Hates: most everything else; "jelly chunks of fruit in his yoghurt" (you don't want to know what the beer version is)
Goals: pretty much in his own personal nirvana already
When depressed he tends to: rant semi-incoherently about anything, swear profusely (i.e. he's a depressed drunk)
Favorite food: Earth beer "yoghurt" (so very very much)
Personal Hero: any hard beer "yoghurt" drinker.
Rarely Known Fact: he's the smartest, most coherent Snarf of them all - sober, he could take over the world in hours...
When around, don't, for any reason: strike a match or light any flammable material
Percent of beer yoghurt per unit of blood: nearing 100%

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