M/W/F plus extras
Dumb Snarf

Age: 1 (overestimated)
Gender: Huh?
Height: 0.99 Snarfs
Weight: 1.22 Snarfs (too much Oblitercake)
Distinctive marks: stupidity to boggle the mind and stun the soul
Primary job: chef at pub, specialty: Oblitercake!
Secondary job: Still searching
Hobby: running into walls, apparently
Likes: running into walls; baking (and eating) Oblitercake
Hates: running into doors; science, especially math
Goals: abolish all science; bake more Oblitercake
When depressed tends to: N/A, stupidity-induced perpetual cheerfulness
Favorite food: Oblitercake
Personal Hero: The Kool-Aid Man. He can go THROUGH walls!
Rarely Known Fact: his Oblitergun was long since replaced with a simple whisk (but don't tell him!)
When around, don't, for any reason: even consider his presence
IQ: room temperature (Celsius), dropping fast

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