M/W/F plus extras
  • It's been a grand, fun year for this comic and for me personally! But it's now time to move on, my life has changed too much for me to keep working on this comic.
  • Still, managed to make one full year (156++ A4-size pages) without missing any deadlines. Woo!
  • I don't think I managed to get a single regular reader, mostly because I didn't advertise anywhere near enough... oh well, if you're reading this long after the end of the comic, I hope you have fun with these three full stories from the weird universe of SNARFS!
  • And if not, WELL YOUR MOM.
  • There's at least four more years' worth of material in my dump file for SNARFS!, so should I find some way to streamline production, make this look good (i.e. hire an artist), and find the time to do it... I will.
  • Perhaps there might be more of Snarfette's writing to come...?
  • Finally, thanks to all the people who followed and RT'd me on Twitter, any readers past and future, and anyone who voted at TWC (I know at least someone did that wasn't me!)

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