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Jason Estrin ||   

"He stepped into the pool of disembodied voices, they tickled his spine, they lept about, seperating into individual notes of music, recombining in unusual ways, making lovely poems of nature sounds; water splashes, branches chafing one another in the wind, cloud cluster grumbles, hollow log echo farts, flower spin trilling, tofu squish, rattled nuts and vole teeth chatterings, weasle drill seargent yelping and call and response reticulated stoat embellishments, campfire poppings and lockings...all that which one hears in nature, now sliced off the whole, delivered in flawless surround sounds."


"With one long final step, the reluctant hero/outcast/hippy crossed the fingered line in the dirt. {This guy's going to beat the hippy out of me, I can feel it. His neck is a goddamn fire plug for pete's sake...and it's moving, rippling with blood and lymph as he stares at me, spot in the face. Gosh, he hates my kind.   Well I don't care for his. For all I know, I could be a great fighter. One of the best. I just have never tried it out.} Just then, from some grotto to the West, Fitzpatrick came bounding with all the spirit and majesy of the greatest of danes, clad in the tunic of his sect and a staff, light and easy in his spinning, then brought up , now down on the crown of the once blazing head of Flasic the Scot-Norseman."

<Chance writings, by Jason>


.....comes from Long Island, the land of the long mall and the longer line. Enjoys the company of fine folk, fresh faces, fertile fronts and unforced friendships. Developed in the first stages of Amercan Empire I, circa 1970's, puberty whiled away in swimming pools/in sumps/behind places, formative years...  records indicate there were numerous trips to the dance floor and back.   Substitute teaching/comic book classes/high schools, middle schools...  Also, treasured time in the company of a small cadre of gracious, adored companions and family.