Froken Keke ||   

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden the 5th february 1992. I am currently a student, and unemployed. In my free time I draw my comic Trannywolf, which is about a transsexual wolf and his/her various adventures.

I am a transsexual myself, which is kind of why I draw such a comic. I put all of my thoughts and interests in my work. I love animals, too, which is why all characters are animals. And so on and so forth.
I've always loved to draw, and I am always evolving and improving in that area.

I am probably what you'd call a somewhat hardcore gamer, who has a great love for Mega Drive and other games from the 16 bit period.
As for movies, I love the deep or intellectual stuff. Stanley Kubrick is by far my favorite director. But I still watch most stuff. For example, I love horror movies whether they're bad or great.

My musical taste is pretty much rock, mostly from the 70's and 80's, though there are ofcourse exceptions. I absolutely love Pink Floyd, Radiohead and David Bowie, whom probably have an idol status for me. I also love The Smiths, The Police and various others.

In litterature, I'm not too experienced. I don't read very much, though my favorite book is Animal Farm. That's about as much I can say.

I also love Pepsi, autumn and anything that's black and white.