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Nikole Jones (such a flashy name) I'm an honor graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts, emphasis in Illustration (for the record they don't get the honor of claiming my talent or accomplishment), but I also privately study animation, 3D modeling, and Web Design. Course I still get dirty and push around the paint, must stay in touch with my roots! Aside from my professional trade I'm an aficionado of RPG's, kung-fu flicks, fantasy and sci-fi novels, performance vehicles (GT-GT3 cars), and weapons, particularly the sword. If I had to use one, my weapon of choice would be the Bo or "fighting staff" (less chance of cutting myself by accident, HA!). As far as my personality: By Heart associate me with Cherri By Looks associate me with Jesse By Lack of Finesse associate me with Rosoko By Boldness associate me with the Prophetess By Battle associate me with Sara By my Tree-hugging sense associate me with Magdalene By my Rebelliousness associate me with Paul By my Childlike Loving Heart associate me with Naomi By my Loyalty associate me with Joshua By one of my Gifts associate me with the Healer (course not of his magnitude, I have however experienced a few wonderful instances) By Innate Wisdom and Insight DON'T associate me with Lion; that's actually my little brother (Larry) By Sense of Purpose associate me with Nathan By Weak Nature associate me with Victor