Newton's Law

David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:


Has it really been six months since this comic strip was last updated?  I checked the image info to find out.  According to Mozila, the JPG which presents the strip was created on February 4th of this year; so, it has not ben six months; it has been more like five and a half. 

That is still a long time.  What happened? Will this series be updated, or what?  I am sure I speak for all of the fans when I say we hope the creators are doing well and we would like to see more from them.

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: Hi David. I am well, Dan is well. I have to give the shortened version, but it is not possible for either of us to work on this project-most likely-through the end of 2012. It's not abandoned, but it certainly is in deep freeze. We plan on restarting at some point late in this year, or early next. We apologize to you and all of our readers for this extended disruption, but unfortunately it has to be this way for now.
David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Thanks for getting back to us, Garret, and I am glad to know that Dan is well.  I was very encouraged to hear that this comic would be back in 2013, and I am sure that the rest of your readers were reassured as well. Now that we have entered 2013, is there any word on a schedule?

David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

And now 2013 has decisively become 2014. "Newton's Law" is still on the website, but it has not been updated for more than a year.  Are there any plans to revive this series? Even a page a month would be a step forward, and it might serve to hold on to readers and help find publishers and so forth.

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