Newton's Law

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garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says:

Hello all, Newton's Law co-creator Garrett Anderson here with even more of an explanation as to what Dan and I are up to. This comic is a 190ish page graphic novel that we plan to update with two pages or more  once a week. This wasn't originally conceived as a webcomic, so our apologies for the wonky pacing. We think it will be worth your time though. Some very high quality comics are coming your way, all for the low, low price of free.

If you'd like to see bonus art, communicate with us, or just be cool in general feel free to join our Facebook page:

This is Dan's website that features his fantastically funny daily strip, Beardo:

Again, we're both new to to this wild and wooly webcomics world, so if you have cheers or jeers for us feel free to spray them!







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