Newton's Law

David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on fashion, but certain anachronisms just jump out at me. One of the most important shifts in the history of Western costume occured after the French Revolution.  For centuries, Western men had worn stockings on their shanks, and you could learn a man's wealth or rank by whether her work sik stockings or wool stockings or even leather stockings, like Cooper's hero Natty Bumpo. Stockings divided men into classes, so the French revolutionaries decided to overthrow the tyranny of stockings by adopting the same kind of trousers that we are wearing today.  As far as I know, no Western man in Newton's time wore trousers like these; and the hat and the tie both fit the nineteenth century as well.  Is this fellow meant to be a time traveller?

Falzio Fantalone (falzio_fantalone) says:

Curious indeed. We know space and time are really part of the same canvas, and by warping one, Gravity must - ipso facto - be warping the other. Hence, two periods of fashion that were never meant to meet, bumping up against each other..

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