Newton's Law

David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Trying to arrest five blackguards with a single one-shot pistol? That guy Hall must have rocks the size of cannon balls or maybe he just has rocks in his head.  I will say I like watching the ball roll out of the pistol without going boom, however; the page is wonderfully clear, and something like it happens to me every night, in my nightmares.

Falzio Fantalone (falzio_fantalone) says:

I am sorry to hear about your nightmares involving the premature ejection of ballistic spheres from your hand-cannon.

Have you consulted a physician?

David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Ah, Falzio, along the coast of the sea which is called the Mediterreanean, do men really eject 'ballastic spheres?'  If so, perhaps that explains why the birth rate in Spain and Italy has fallen to roughly one child per woman, which leaves each generation half the size of the generation before. Perhaps if you consult your physicians you will find a way to eject spermatazoa instead, and then you can restore your population. 

Tak Rhak (tak) says:

You said that was a bodkin you scoundrel.

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