Newton's Law

Rae Cordon (farmers_almanac) says:

Well, it's a shame there aren't more admiring comments on this comic, because I've certainly fallen in love with it!  Fantastic grayscale artwork, and one of the few comics on the web where I've found myself invested in the characters. 

Keep up the great work, guys!

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: Thank you, Rae!
Falzio Fantalone (falzio_fantalone) says:

Indeed. This comic stands out in a sea of illustrated online offerings. Not only is the artistry exemplary, but it offers a tantalising tale of twisting terror, unlike many other efforts which seem content to assault the reader with a repetitive parade of two or three tedious characters blathering a deluge of banal banter on recent events or cultural memes.

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: Thank you, sir!
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