Newton's Law

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: You're on the Facebook, yeah? Join us there for exclusive peeks at art, nonsensical haranguing, and other fascinating diversions from your too-full day!
David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Well, I  have always said this series is full of surprises, and I will be the first to admit that I did not see this one coming. We all know how often writers of science-fiction take liberties with historical fact; but usually writers find a way to tie the plot ends together so the deviations are hidden and nobody knows the difference. Let me give an example.  For instance, why did Pompeii blow up? Why, because Doctor Who and the Lava Men shot each other with ray guns underneath this mountain until the whole thing blew up, but all the Romans thought it was a volcano and we still write our history books that way. Were there any survivors?  Yes, Doctor Who saved a few of his Roman friends, but the Roman friends never told history about space ships or how to sew buttons on clothes, because the Roman friends thought Doctor Who was a Roman god.  And so forth; as Asimov and Bradbury used to say, if changes to history are small enough, the changes are lost like ripples in the flow of a great river, and the river keeps rolling.

Clearly this ripple is more like a tsunami. Half of London has now been wrecked, and we are told that King William is one of the victims. There is no natural way that history can go back to being the way it was.  So, there seem to be only a handful of ways that the story can proceed. One, is that is that flesh-and-blood Newton will defeat his Monster-Of-The-Id and then try to live in a shattered London; and then there will be a new Newton in a new England in a new history altogether.  The second possibility is that the flesh-and-blood Newton will conquer his Monster-Of-The-Id Newton and use the powers of the 'Monster' to repair London, and even bring back the dead. The third is that the Flesh-And-Blood Newton will overcome the Monster-Of-The-Id Newton and then overcome time as well as space, finally turning back the timeline to the point before the Monster-Of-The-Id Newton began his games with gravity in the first place.  Either way, I will be here, perched at the edge of my seat and stomping my feet on the floor in anticipation.

Deliberatus Freeman (deliberatus) says:

What mad phantasims do come forth, such a managerie worthy of bedlam itself; so fine an imagination as rarely is seen outside the gates of the halls of asylum. Rant on my son, and make a good story of it further as you already have.

Tak Rhak (tak) says:

Man that's crazy. I'm bookmarking this and probably telling friends about it or at least one friend.

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: David Thorne-Thank you for your thoughtful comments. They are appreciated, as always. Deliberatus Freeman-Thank you. Tak Rhak-Tell all your friends! Thanks for the comments, some of them had me laughing.
Chase Smith (toaster_of_vengeance) says:

Sweet Jesus. I just aught up, and it's bittersweet. I now have to wait for all the upcoming AWESOME pages. This series by far the most kick ass ever.

Cal Dee (calydon) says:

A superlative effort gentlemen, well done.

garrett anderson (garrettanderson) says: Thank you Chase, thank you Cal.
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