Newton's Law

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David Thorne (davidthorne4ever) says:

Hmm... Newton gets it -- at last.  And then -- maybe I do, too. Perhaps this 'Bad Newton' is not exactly like the 'Monster Of The Id' from 'Forbidden Planet' after all. When I first saw this 'Bad Newton' I thought 'Bad Newton' might be the repressed, forbidden side of the real Newton, escaped from the subconsconscious and coming out to play; but as I observed later, the problem with that theory is that the real Newton represses almost nothing; Newton is an explosive personality who expresses all of his fury at the top of his lungs to the faces of his subordinates, and Newton explains his ideas about law and justice by shooting people dead  with a  pistol in his own hands. Isaac Newton does not have a hidden side to unleash; instead, his hidden side is on the surface, bellowing and blasting through the streets of London.

Who, then, is this Bad Newton?  Where could this Bad Newton be coming from?  This Bad Newton is not like a real person at all. Instead, this Bad New is almost an exaggeration of the real Newton -- even a caricature. We might almost think of this 'Bad Newton' as a figure stalking the nightmares of a subordinate whose entire life has become dominated by the real Newton.  Perhaps if that old colleague were a gentle, civilized soul, and that old colleague suffered a terrible illness, perhaps his own dark vision of Newton would burst from his mind and come to life -- life in the material world. Then, perhaps, that dark and majestic caricature of Newton would thunder through the streets of London, drawing power from the genius of Newton himself and expressing his fury in a manner even more terrible than the flesh-and-blood Newton ever could --

Or maybe not. This story still has a lot surprises, I am sure. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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