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The Jackaroo, The Southern Squadron, Dark Nebula, GI Joe Australia, Flash Damingo and CCQ (Cyclone Comics Quarterly).

Gary's overseas work includes US editions of The Jackaroo and The Southern Squadron; a very odd issue of The Badger for Mike Baron; the award-winning Planet of the Apes: Urchak's Folly (OzCon Award for Favourite Writer); The Olympians, a two-issue prestige series for Marvel/Epic Comics that featured Gary's art inked by Gary Martin with covers inked by Todd McFarlane and Karl Kesel; editorial and creative duties on Dark Horse Down Under for Dark Horse Comics — this series featured the first US appearance of Gary's creation Morton Stone: Undertaker.

In late '98, he completed a ten page story that was scheduled to appear in issue nine of Kitchen Sink's Harvey Award winning The Spirit: The New Adventures — as luck would have it, the title was cancelled with issue eight.

He sites the work of Hergé, Roy Crane, Will Eisner and Alex Toth as his artistic inspirations. In fact, he's worked with the late, great Will Eisner on developing a new series of stories featuring Eisner's early creation: John Law, Detective.

In December 2004, IDW Publishing released the first print edition John Law — Will Eisner's JOHN LAW: Dead Man Walking. This edition was the recipient of the Ledger Award for International Title of the Year.

Besides John Law, his current creator-owned projects include Red Kelso, a pulp-adventure series, The Jackaroo, and Morton Stone: Undertaker.

Since 1990, Gary has lived in the South-West wildlands of Western Australia, having fled the gaudily-lit streets of Sydney and Perth, for the rolling hills and forests of a better place. His favourite wine is the 2002 Blue Loft Pinot. He is in love with Belinda Prideaux.