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I thought it best to begin with a few highlights from my journey to the city. I did leave out the gypsy wagon though. Oh well.

. . (parsee) says:

I love your comic! Though I hated "Black Swan"... ^^U

Anyway, I know this question may seem inappropriate, but... ¿Do you guys have a relationship based on roles?

Rob Kudla (raindog469) says:

I think Hedwig is better watched in the dark anyway, for the whole theater experience. Especially that whole sequence.

Hercules Dias (hercdc) says:

I'll point out a thing on the first comic: Shoudn't Jason be the one asking the question?

Thomas Gonyea (gaynerdcomic) says:

Yes, he should. Thank you for catching that!

Hercules Dias (hercdc) says:

Since you've mentioned comments, here comes one more: where are you, man? We miss both "the Gay Nerd Comic" and "Codon".


(btw, I've fallen in love with Pockets"

Hercules Dias (hercdc) says:

What is it you're gonna teach? 

Thomas Gonyea (gaynerdcomic) says:

It's looking like basic science and North American pre-history.

Hercules Dias (hercdc) says:

Maleficent! That'd be awesome ^^

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