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I am. SO. Sick. Of not having internet. Grabbing snippets at work and coffee shops is just not cutting it anymore. I think it technically qualifies as withdrawal at this point.

In much better news, I went to the Small Press Expo over the weekend. This year I even managed to drag Jason along. We got some good loot, saw some interesting panels, and had a pretty great time. The best part was getting to say hi to some of my favorite cartoonists including (but not limited to) Aaron Diaz, Bill Roundy, Spike, and Tony Breed.

Partly enspired by all the awesome things they had for sale, I've come to a decision. At some point in the near future I will be selling custom pixelated avatars suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or whathave you. Now you, yes YOU, can find out what you would look like in a videogame. More info coming soon!

Meanwhile, over at Codon, I'm still putting up some character profiles. Today we have Tessa's brother, Gnosis.

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