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One-shot, Complete

This comic was drawn completely in pencil. There was no inking. I thought that doing it that way would save me time... but it didn't. Of course if I were to do a pencil comic again I would make it quite a bit messier. The tight pencils just make it look like I inked it and so it's a little typical. I'd like to get more of the pencil feel in there.

Anyway about the comic itself. Yes, I know that the diary is huge in the last panel even if Emily, the girl, is only thirteen. I was thinking of her grandmother's books like old lady/sorority girl scrapbooks, which are always a bit too large. I'd see them at Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts store in Texas, and think who would ever use something like this? But apparently they sell. =D

The car is drawn from a polorad that I took when I was 8-10(?) of the old white station wagon we use to own. This was back when my family went on trips around the US in summer and we had no AC. Texas is really hot by the way. Who knew that old photos taken to test out my new camera would come in handy.

If I were going to redo this story now... which I've considered, I would spend more time on the main characters and give them more interesting designs and better outfits. As it is, I did this entire comic in under a month, story to finish, and I believe I spent most of the time drawing trees and making all of the tiny cross hatching. So the characters are a bit under played. Heh. =_=;

These pages were also penciled and finished at a size *smaller* then 8.5 by 11 inches. Not a lot smaller but around 6.8 x 10.5. I used my trusty 0.3 mechanical pencil to make all of the little details. =D
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Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

I like her outfit, the pretty rose hat and her long skirt. Also, the way you make it look windy, that is very nice.

My sisters made a HUGE scrapbook for our mom for Mothers' Day, with all of our baby pictures in them.  It has a stationary cover, and has a pink ribbon around it.  When you mentioned the 'huge diary book' it reminded me of that.  I think it's a nice book, so you're right about them being popular.  :3

I can't think of any Art Institute refusing you.  If any one did, my jaw would hit the floor. @_@

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