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One-shot, Complete

This comic was drawn completely in pencil. Yep. I drew out the pages first with a full layout where I arranged all of the panels on to the page. Then I put down the lettering and the panel boarders in a page mock up in the computer. Then for my final pencils, instead of doing the whole page I did each panel separate so as not to cause smears. Which means I have an impressive stack of single panels for this comic somewhere in my room.

The panels were then scanned into the computer and dropped into the pre-designed panel borders and word balloons. I do all of my lettering, word balloons, and panel borders in the computer so I don't have to worry about keeping my lines straight or pasting down words... I use to do it by hand and wow did that suck.

Then with everything in place I leveled the art out until it was as dark as you see here... oh and for the web I added the sepia color to the lines. It looked better that way. =D

You can see that I love hatching and crosshatching although I like the Japanese style of that more then the typical American comic version which has a more perpendicular stroke order (up and down, like a 90 degree angle, think of the lines joining like a cross +).

Hmm, I think I've rambled enough maybe... I'll talk a bit more about the comic page next time now that I've gotten the production talk out of the way. =D
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Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

With pencil?? (Faints)  This is a marvelous comic, I've read it all the way through once and couldn't comment 'cause I didn't have my activation thing yet.  But now I can..I hope it's OK if I comment on all or most of the pages...

 I noticed the up and down Japanese comic instead of across; it looks nice, I agree.

Hey, is the Shadow Beast thing formless, like can it BE anywhere or anything, like the shadows of the trees? I wondered if the scary Beast was wandering around Emily's house... O-O

My sister's name is Emily, too.  :)

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