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One-shot, Complete

Intro of the second main character and fulfillment of the horror cliche of the noise not being the monster. Lots of trees in these panels. I feel I must point out here that I need to vary the types of trees I draw because if you can't tell they???re all very similar to each other. Whoops. Well, I have a lot of tree reference now so it wouldn't be too hard. I took lots of pictures of live oak trees. They have cool creepy looking branches that are all skeleton like when the leaves fall. I love them.

In the bottom panel the trees are moving out of Emily's way. Emily doesn't notice. Everything in the forest is alive and it watches. Sometimes, like the trees, if they like you they might help you. The trees themselves don't generally hurt people but they can hinder or confuse. But most of the dangers of the forest are the other things that make it their home.

This kid is not supposed to be here. The kids from town are told not to go into the forest because it's dangerous. Most of the kids don't listen but thankfully the forest is creepy enough to keep kids from wanting to take leisurely strolls through it. But sometimes stuff in the forest hunt further out and try to scare people into the woods to eat them. That???s kind of how this kid got in here.

I like how all of the bushes and grass is so neat and orderly. Look at the little round bushes. So cute... maybe I should have made things a little wilder looking. Oh well, it's a small thing.

I dressed Emily like it's 1985 except for her sports tee, which is a little more modern. This comic is supposed to be set around the middle or late 80s. Thus the old station wagon on the first page.
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