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One-shot, Complete

The one thing I've heard a few times for this story is that because it's a horror story... that it wasn't as scary as it could have been because it wasn't inked. A few people told me that if I really wanted to make it scary I should have added dark heavy blacks...

Heh, well I like those types of comics but this one wasn't suppose to be like that. I wanted a soft fog like look. Sort of like a watercolored fairy tale.

I know the heavy black style makes people think 'horror' and all but if I have to draw it a certain way to scare you doesn't that mean I???m not doing my job on the story?

Anyway... Hmm, in the last panel you can see that the kid shows up twice. There isn't two of him the forest is just messing with him and Emily. Oh, I made some of the trees in the top panels impossible. As in some of them start way in the background but somehow the branches cross in front of the ones in the foreground. This was done to be strange and make the reader, not notice really but feel that there was something wrong. Give the panel a feeling of unease... it's probably too subtle but oh well it was entertaining for me.

The trees move out of the way but they also cover her path back to the road.
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Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

Impossible trees? I just noticed that their roots are coming out of the ground and they're blocking her path back.  Looks like it, anyway.....creepy.  The trees like her, but they didn't want her to leave? Or was the Beast controlling the trees?

I'm trying to figure out which boy was the illusion.  I say the one on the right.

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