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One-shot, Complete

Finally, the cool beasty monster thing. I hope she's messed up enough to be kind of off putting.

It took forever to design her. She started off a lot cutesier and anime looking. She looked rather like a furry character, which was not really what I wanted. So, I started to make her more animal like in the head while keeping the soft pretty look of the female body. She's suppose to be kind of pretty yet not comforting at all. =0

She was also suppose to have more blood on her mouth and teeth but I toned down the blood on her a little. It was suppose to be dripping on to her dress, as it is it just shows up on her chin.

I have a real love for hot female boobalicious characters that are impossible to er... think terrible thoughts of because they could and would rip your head off and eat your eyes.

The tree branches behind her are actually dead branches that make up her wings, which are criss-crossed with spider webs. She has spiders on her too but apparently I didn't draw them in on this panel so you'll see them on the next page...

I like that in her shadow her eyes are impossibly glowing.
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Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

Oh my freaking God, I think you mean. >0<  Those kids are brave, I would have been screaming my head off, and then she would have eaten me.

Blood eurg, did she kill some helpless animal, or a person? Or does she just bleed at the mouth all the time?

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