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One-shot, Complete

Whee, the characters look around. Lots of trees here. There are areas of black starting to creep into the panels as the Beast thing starts to become more of a presence in the woods. Originally I tried a lot of different ways to make these areas darker. Because this was all pencil I couldn't really just slap ink down or fill it in Photoshop. In the end I broke out my Ebony pencil. Which means I really have to be careful with how I store these dark panels since they smudge so easily.

Snerk, I went really over board on the production of these pages. I think in the end they were some crazy resolution. Like 1200 dpi in grayscale. Every page of this comic ended up at 50 megs even as compressed Tiffs. Quite a feat. I really should have down sized them. Oh well, they should print beautifully. =D
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Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

Oh no! It's the Beast! Get your protective charms and light sabers!

Ug, don't I know it.  I am not a pro artist with the pencil, I like to use Microsoft Paint, but once I used a pencil to draw something, erased it, then wiped the eraser bits away.  It smudged so badly, and I had charcoal stuff on my hands.

I like that you used a pencil, it makes the comic pictures look really nice.

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