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One-shot, Complete

So here is the intro of the other human character. I forget what I called this guy... I think his name was Tom but I don't think I ever mention his name. I tried but his introduction always felt forced so he didn't get named at all.

More impossible trees in the background, they come out of the ground in the background but somehow their branches cross over the trees in the foreground. This can be seen in panel 4 if you look hard... it's difficult to see. Like I said on page 4 it's pretty subtle. I'm drawing way more backgrounds for this comic then I normally do.

When he's running in the first panel he's behind Emily but he jumps out in front of her in the second panel... this is more of the forest playing with their perceptions rather then a mistake on my part. The trees like to play.

The trees left Emily a clearing in the sun so that she would be slightly protected from the things that wander the forest. It's not a perfect shield or anything but it is helpful.

Only one more character left to show up.
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