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One-shot, Complete

Someone mentioned that it was interesting that Emily solves this conflict through inaction... but I'm not sure people realise how hard it is to not follow a command.

Pacts, deals, promises are a standard of fairy tales and genies, which generally don't work out well for the normal folk because every word can be twisted. Watch either verson of "Bedazzled" for good examples of this in action. =D
Sarah Baergen (sanluris) says:

Never heard of're talking about, people can say one thing and mean another thing.  Scary.  Watch out indeed.

It's very hard to disobey.  Me, I've given in and just done what the person has said because I'm meek.  Nothing serious though, but....hope it stays that way.  X-x

Yeah, I wouldn't have lasted in that forest.  Kids are so insightful and strong.

Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

Heh, "Bedazzled" is a movie about making a deal with the devil and how things tend to go wrong with every wish the guy makes based on the words he uses or doesn't use.


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