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One-shot, Complete.
Finally! A place to use my girly girl screen tone! Yay! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get the really frilly screens to look good. LOL. The tiny words in the last panel say "You do realise, Melissa, that premature contract termination will result in a 750 dollar fee."

He's like a cel phone only more expensive with way more restrictions. I still want to poke the story elements of how the robots are sold and how they are transfered because the way it works here kind of bothers me. I like to sort of have a handle on how things work in my stories and having something that seems odd... well I poke at it until I can explain it in my own head at least. It's just a small thing though and when I mention it to people they kind of laugh and tell me it's not a big deal. Still I poke. =D

Anyway this is the end! Yay!
Dee Traceworth (lucifiel) says: Poor, dear Eric... imagine being stuck with a boy toy for all of eternity. >D I wish there was more to this story like the life of poor Eric and the boy toy. Dee
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

Heh heh, thanks. I've been trying to get back on track with the comics. Sadly I can promise nothing but I still really appreciate the request for more of this idea. I will keep it in mind.

-Diana =] 

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