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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

The pencils for this page are on my site here!

True story by the way... also I would not suggest going to Goggle and looking up any of those terms or the name Daria McGrain. Heh heh. This comic has one more page that I have laid out. So I will try this time to finish that page earlier then late on Thursday. Snort. Too much stuff on my plate.

I may also move the update day to Thursday or Friday since I work on Monday and Wednesday and it's hard to squeeze the My Muse page in between those days. But we'll see.

INKING! Inking should maybe happen? I have bit done on the Taco page but now I've got 4 pages stacked up that need to be inked. So I'll see if I can get those on the road to being done.


Danielle Northam (plish) says:

Lawl. And in telling me not to look up her name, I was curious...

and so I looked..rofl Damn you! XD

Heee, I loves this comic so. X3


Ethan Faulkner (semakora) says: Oh dear me.... o-o
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