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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

I have posted the inks now instead of the pencils. You can still view the pencils here to compare how stuff shifts when I ink things.

Sweeet. So this isn't quite on time but it's still really early in the day so I consider this a triumph. I feel the need to point out that my brain is the most retarded thing ever. Fuck it's frustrating, I want to draw comics, I like and enjoy drawing them, but my damn head has me avoid them like they're a grenade or something. Erggh. I'm working on that. My current Motto is "no excuses" I'm not a fragile artist who just has to avoid work to protect something head case-y... I'm mostly a lazy bastard. Heh, not to say I don't do a lot of art stuff but man I could be doing way more easily and comfortably and it would make me happier too. =D

This current Muse story doesn't have a set number of pages cause I was avoiding the comic all week and didn't layout this page until 9:00 last night so I have 3 pages of this story as roughs so far but I know it has maybe a page or two more over that. So I'll change the number as soon as a figure out the rest of the layouts for it.

 I picked up a comic at the shop today by Brandon Graham called "King City". It's made of awesome! Filled to the brim with it. Man, I haven't been this happy with a comic in a long time. Just looking at the art makes me super pleased. You can check out his Deviant Art gallery here to see his art and comics: and you can only get the book at comic shops cause Tokyopop doesn't F-ing know what's good for them. Fuck! Anyway Amazon should damn well have it, looks for link... NO, well I guess TP doesn't want to make anything easy. God damn them. >_< Here's a link to their stupid site for the book: King City. Rolls eyes.

Edit: Ah, so I found this great news for King City: "Tokyopop's first "Diamond Exclusive" product - where it will be available to retailers via Diamond for three months before mass-market bookstores." I'm soo happy it'll go to book stores so my comic shop lacking friends can find it.


William Millan (will_knights) says: I so gotta love this one LOL! x3  it's the one that has hade me laugh the most in the whole strip cause it ends randomly xD YOU ROCK!
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

LOL, well there are a few more pages to this one that hopefully will make it make a little more sense. Yay, I'm glad you're enjoying them.


William Millan (will_knights) says: heck i've been enjoying it since the first one  xD you truly  got a great inspirational kick when you dicided to make it lol Or a whole lot of lucky liquid (boose j/k) xD cause you've comed up with one of the  strips  i wait to read the most  on the Internet
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