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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

Updated with final inks! You can now see the pencils on my website here:

Wheeee! Oh my god, I'm outside! There's two more pages in this set and then the terrible terrible page of OMG. Which I can't wait to get to posting. That'll be awesome.


Beelz Eboss (memoriez) says: Outside? What is, outside?
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

Outide is that scary place with the eyeshearing ball of light in the sky... oh and it has trees. I like trees.


William Millan (will_knights) says:

Lucky me in Puerto Rico we have a lot of Pigeons and Iguana to attack us outside ^_^ lol Your comics truly get better and better with each one you make =D KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK GIRL! xD

C. Jones (issu) says:

Why is it sou much easier to enjoy the outside world without the internet...

Forces of necessity > Addiction (internet) > thirst/true-love for sunlight

... ;_; *sigh*

IDOL HANDS (idol_hands) says: I finally got to read this from the beginning. I think your muse hath squashed me as well and I'm glad for it. My smile has a hard on and that hasn't happened in quite some time. 
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