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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

Updated with final inks! You can now see the pencils on my website here:

So, I thought of posting this up page on April fools day and making the bottom two panels black with just a "then she died" at the bottom and a small journal about how I was giving up on comics and what not. But then I thought about and decided that wasn't funny so I made a picture of 2 naked guys for everyone instead.

I called up Mike the other day and I was all "So, I finished My Muse..." And then I said "well not all 300 pages" and Mike was all "wow you're fast." I gave him the finger even if he couldn't see it. What I meant was that I've finished all of the layouts I had so now I'm 3 pages ahead on the comic which will hopefully mean that I'll start inking again. I'm feeling pretty good about the comic work right now although it seems to fit that area in my head where I try to avoid my paying work. Mostly known as, surfing the internet. So deadline looming "ah, I should draw this My Muse panel". Sitting around "I could be working" well lets finish this Muse page. Pages just seemed to end up done that way. It's a good sign.

Now, I'm out of postable layouts to work on (I have two extra layouts that don't get posted so I could still do those) and I'm up to page 40 on My Muse. 10 more pages and I'm a 1/6th of the way through. I have to take a break from getting ahead on My Muse to work on a different comic for the money. Thankfully My Muse will still come out on time cause I have a backlog.

In other news, whee, I dreamed I got hit by a bus. =]


William Millan (will_knights) says: GOD! dial-up scares the living heck outta me O_O i tough you'de DIED!! DX NUUU!!  hey told you the outside is dangerous! stay in! were the walls are wally and there's popcorn with loads of butter! =o OH! and porn! =D can't forget those Eye lemons XD!
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says: LOL, yeah the hit by the bus dream is no good. Heh heh, dial-up is scary but funny reactions are good. Yeah, outside is where crap stuff happens but it also has food and art supplies and good things now and then. Is good in small doses. =]

Beelz Eboss (memoriez) says:

big 40 bajillion tons of steel hitting you at 40 mph, bet that feels nice. thats why i dont like to go outside too many dangerous things but i take precautions if i do, i make sure that if im going outside im fully covered and carrying an umbrella to protect me from the sun. that ball of death kills more people than prairy dogs!

William Millan (will_knights) says: But Ze outside won't help you from the angry crikets and  the ppl with badly translated fraces that when asking for direction would sooner tell you to put a earing in the naughty bits than say it right =o so VERY small doses >.<
William Millan (will_knights) says: *hugs* oh and sorry for your night mare  those things tend to make one feel like hell for a few days so loads of hugs for you to feel better =D *hugs some moar* x3
William Millan (will_knights) says: BTW if you're ever bored and want to talk to meh =D  i got MSN! and  i don't leave my home YAY! xD it's it would be awesome to get to talk to sutch an awesome artist!!! =)
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

Sadly I pretty much only use AIM but I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll see about getting one of those muti-messenger programs. 


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