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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

Nurgh, tiny characters are tiny. I have no idea what prompted me to put 6 characters on this page but I'm sure I'll be feeling the pain when I try to ink their tiny bits. Yay, the Subconscous appears! I can't see her but the other Muses can. I really like her design a lot although it suffers as a pencil image. =/

There's actually one more page to this comic. But it's like a special added on page. Then silly page of doom.

William Millan (will_knights) says:

Subconcious  is one of those Sadistic chicks eh? O_o she scares the very loved crap outta me O_O SAVE ME DIANA I AM NEXT! DX


Ps. Keep the awesome work! x3

Beelz Eboss (memoriez) says: youre subconconcious is scary o.0
agustin mendez (aurelioarg) says:

XD exelente , cada vez me gusta mas.

a kind hello for argentina ^^.

Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

agustin mendez: Ohhh, Yay, Argentina! That's awesome.

Beelz Eboss: Yeah the Subconcsious is a creepy thing. I like her design a lot.

William Millan: Not to worry, she's probably already stabbed you a few times =[


William Millan (will_knights) says: OI! and  you just told me that xD trust me it's bee one heck of a ride this past few month for me -_- so i bet she's done with the knife's and gone to the swords  and Katanas on me DX
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