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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

Apparently, I get bored easily now so my fanart ideas tend to be really terrible and wrong. However, I giggled all the way through this page then I giggled some more when it was done. Then I sent it to friends and giggled at that.

Sadly this is the last page I have drawn. I'm considering what I always do when I get to the end of the pages that I have but I don't think I'm going to make it easy on myself by going on hiatus. Instead I'm just going to try and keep moving on pages. Also this is page 40 and I now have 10 pages that aren't inked... =[

I'm considering sitting down and making a comic plan. Hopefully that will help the working. Also hot Man-gay picture on DA.


William Millan (yojimbo) says:

I don't know if to be scared...or to laugh my guts out....well i'm doing both untill you tell me wich one i should be doing

 Fanfics are nice as long as they stay along side the real things but most ppl just exagerate it...but heck one needs a good laugh like the ones you give us with random yet awesome things like this ^_^

Hope you have a nice week and keep on being awesome


Ps.Thanks for this really needed that laugh, Hate being depresed -_-

William Millan (yojimbo) says:

The man-gay just creepy tho LMAO!xD


Beelz Eboss (memoriez) says:

That's right. it's a bird. 

Is thatwith the cock keychain, or is that the standard blade? And if it is, what the hell would the other keychains do to it? 0.0

agustin mendez (aurelioarg) says: that is really sickly ¬¬ , really you have a great inner-perv , dont you? XD
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says: agustin mendez: Er... I plead the fifth. Also yes.

Beelz Eboss: Yes, cock keychain, though I'm not sure if the key chains matter in the game cause I only watch my friend play and laugh and make disparaging comments as she gets lost. So, I don't really know.

William Millan:
The fanfics I like the best are the ones that even crazy and in no way like the thing they are based on... can still, in the writing, make me believe it could be true in the context of the original. Or are at least funny or heart wrenching... and minus all of that hot and gay helps a ton. I'm not so much looking for realistic, I guess. I do like my fantasy. =]

I am rethinking the man-gay thing. Mostly I need to tie it back into the manga part of it. Only, I think I hate sense-less pin-ups so I need something to keep me interested. Flaming hair and nudity being interesting... sigh, I think I care more about the flaming man part rather then the manga bit. Thinks on it a bit more. Also I fear for the search engine hits on this comic. =/

William Millan (yojimbo) says: You got me wrong =o lol i mean i like the realistic ones those crazy comedy ones are awesome still , KEEP GOING! you Rock! xD
Dalles Cheatham (chee24) says: this is wrong but it's so funny.
William Millan (yojimbo) says: Gah i miss your comic >.
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