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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages

An image I drew this year at San Diego at a sketch jam. This images just kept getting stuff added to it. First it was just me and my new hair cut, then I added the word balloon and when that seemed too depressing I added the title block to lighten things up a bit. Then I give it to Carla Speed McNeil, she makes the niffty comic, Finder. Which is one of my favorite comics ever and is now being posted to the web. Yay. I still remember going to my comic store when I was much younger and picking up a copy of Finder #1 cause it was wierd looking... I tended to look at everything and anything when I got bored of the couple of comics that I normally read, which back then was mostly AP comics or manga translations. She also gave me a piece of art which I need to scan in at some point.

Anyway, yay for art. I'm not sure when the comic will start updating again but hopefully it will be soon cause honestly there's no good excuse. =]


Eric Johansson (piedoggie) says:

(bloody miserable NaturallySpeaking has wiped out my comments three times.  I'll make it short.)

 the muse is eternal.  You and I have been granted a wonderful bounty from her.  Only our fear, hubris, and self-doubt  keep us from that feast.  We all have our challenges.  I think the important thing is to tell the universe FU, that you have important stuff to create and the universe should just get out of your way and you'll get out of yours so you can perform that task embedded in your soul.   it's a tough thing to do and mean it.  I know you can and I know you have lots more to draw as I have to write.

I have on my desk a picture you drew of the muse and she is powerful.   honor her and she will nourish you.

William Millan (yojimbo) says: Well i missed you*puppy eyes* if that's your new haircut it's hawt!! =D i hopes to read your updates soon Funny-gal XD ^.^ mutch loves
William Millan (yojimbo) says: Happy Holidays! miss your updates:(
William Millan (yojimbo) says: happy new year my friend
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says:

Happy new year! Pokes self off the floor. =]


William Millan (yojimbo) says: this is some baaaad writers block
Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega (gc) says: I knoooowwwwww... flails. =/
William Millan (yojimbo) says: Well i haven't left XP I'm still rooting for you =D
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